An Uneasy Flight

The Wine Raconteur

I am joining a group of assorted Wine Bloggers that have taken the challenge to write an article combining wine and transportation.  Our esteemed writer “The Drunken Cyclist” came up with this theme and just from the name of his Blog, the concept of transportation should come naturally.


My first thought was to piggy-back onto a discussion of the film “Bottle Shock,” but I thought this would be too easy and too expected.  Then I thought about the many road trips we made to the wine country in Northern Michigan and how I would manage to pack and repack the trunk of our vehicle to accommodate our and our friend’s wine purchases plus the entire luggage that a trip requires.  The more I thought about that, the more boring and prosaic a five hour road trip and lesson about maximum usage of packing sounded.

 Cain Five 1995

Then I thought about…

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