East Orange–Part One

the drunken cyclist

Last month, we started the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC2), which was won by the Armchair Sommelier. This month, she therefore has the burden honor of hosting the Challenge and choosing the new theme. Her choice, “Trouble” first gave me some pause, but like Talk-a-Vino, when I mentioned it to my wife, she gave me the stink-eye, laughed, and said “Oh, I am sure you can come up with something.”

Even though the rules state that the post should be under 1000 words, I have not been one for following rules much. Thus, here is part one of my entry, part two will grace this spot next week.

I am a bit of a wine scavenger–I will buy wine from just about anywhere. Many people have told me how risky this is since you never know how the wine has been stored, but I essentially don’t listen. Only on a…

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