Monthly Challenge–The Results!

the drunken cyclist

As many of you know last month we started a monthly wine writing challenge. There have been numerous wine blog themes/challenges/brou-ha-has over time, but there did not seem to be many where the focus was on the writing itself. I could be wrong about that, and I am sure that someone will point it out if I am incorrect. Thanks in advance for letting me know.

I am rather confident that there is not currently any such challenge type scenario afloat, so I thought it was time to start such a regular “event”.

This first challenge was rather simple conceptually: write an article that has something to do with wine as well as with the theme “transportation”. Those were the only two real criteria and there were ten such posts submitted:

The Armchair Sommelier

The Drunken Cyclist

Duff’s Wines

The Food and Wine Hedonist

Food Wine Click




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