Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #2

The Armchair Sommelier

I realize what everyone wants to know is this month’s theme, so I won’t dawdle.

The theme is . . . Trouble.

write something

I will attempt to keep roughly the same submission schedule as last month.  I like consistency.

Deadline for submission:  Friday, August 16th (four weeks seems like plenty of time to write a post, doesn’t it?).

Voting Begins:  Saturday, August 17th

Voting Ends:  Thursday, August 22nd 

Fanfare for the Winner:  Saturday, August 24th (vote tallying involves math, and it takes me a while to do math).

The rules are pretty much the same.  Because I like consistency.

1. The monthly Wine Writing Challenge is a work in progress. Any (or all) of the “rules” below can be amended or even changed.  As long as you are the King/Queen of the Wine Writing Challenge.

2. Write a post/article/essay based on the month’s theme. It is up to you to…

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