Monthly Writing Challenge- Trouble


The Drunken Cyclist recently spearheaded a monthly writing challenge.  Each month a new theme is decided upon and writers are given free reign to interpret the selected theme in any way they see fit.  The first challenge theme was transportation and The Armchair Sommelier won the round.  The writing challenge is a bit daunting to me, a new blogger and new to educating myself about wine, so I sat back and enjoyed the show for the first round.  The posts were highly entertaining and I loved reading everyone’s interpretation of the subject at hand.  This month, the theme is trouble.  I decided to take a risk and throw my hat in the ring!


The trouble with wine, in my case, may end up being my saving grace.  Only time will tell.  And that time is quickly approaching.  You see, I recently made the decision to leave my career as…

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