Transportation: Where Wine has Taken Me


Fellow blogger and virtual friend, Jeff at The Drunken Cyclist, has issued a challenge to blog about the topic of “Wine and Transportation” in any way we see fit.  I’d like to tell you how wine has been the vehicle to take me to several new places over the last three years.

What Do I Smell?
As we worked on understanding the basic characteristics of different grape varietals, we discovered the concept of tasting markers.  When doing a structured wine tasting, especially with friends, we find the “real item” to smell alongside the wine, allowing us to associate what we’re smelling in the wine with the real thing.

Once you start paying attention to your nose, you may discover a whole new world to explore.  I started to pay closer attention to foods, spices, herbs.  At a restaurant, I’ll try to tease out the herbs/spices used in the dish. …

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