Wine and Trouble; the Field Trip

From Vinho Verde to Barolo with Love

(The Armchair Sommelier has challenged us with the topic of trouble in the monthly wine challenge. This is my submission. )

The school bus rolled along as comfortably as school buses roll, with its torn vinyl seats, each holding two or three fifth graders excitedly anticipating the annual trip to the courthouse, unaware or unconcerned with how loudly their voices carried, one little boy’s more than the others, in a voice so loud and clear, he could not be ignored, nor could he be mistaken for having said something else, as the bus stopped for a red light, and all other voices seemed to diminish in volume. We all on the bus, myself, the other chaperones, all the children and Ms. Bronk the classroom teacher sitting behind me, all of us heard his words ring out in that moment of stillness, “Bob’s Mom says it’s fun to get drunk!” …

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