wine-stain1-2“Possession” provides the theme for September’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge begun by The Drunken Cyclist (you can vote for me here).

Already, “possession” has revealed many astounding collections (aka hoards) online: from old bottles, to 173 glasses, to German vineyard land laws.

We wine geeks splurge on rare, interesting, and expensive bottles.  But when to open them?  When will the window of drinkability close?  Should we keep the experience to ourselves or share (and show off) to friends?  Does one even “own”, let alone remember, a wine after drinking it?


In four years my wife and I had amassed eighteen cases of undrunk wine.

Many came from multiple visits to the Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario, and other North East wine regions.  A couple of cases remained of the four wines I had made.  A few gift bottles awaited drinking.

But then…

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