Lutefisk: The Ghost of Christmas Past *

The Armchair Sommelier

It’s not Christmas until we have Lutefisk.  My dad says those words every year, without fail.
In fact, it’s not Christmas until my dad says the thing about the Lutefisk.  My people (on my dad’s side) are Scandinavian, and Lutefisk has been part of our holiday feast tradition since the Viking Age.

Lutefisk for Christmas DinnerI know what you’re thinking . . . Holy Mother of Snot, what the hell is that? That is the Ghost of Christmas Past. That is the King of the Beige Food Group. That . . . is Lutefisk!

Lutefisk comes from the Old Norse, meaning, Do you feel lucky?  Lutefisk is a Scandinavian delicacy, which we all know is code for “wow, does this suck”. Lutefisk is cod fish that’s been hung on racks and dried in the open air until it resembles fish jerky.  But it’s not done yet.  You might…

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