Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #3: Possession

the drunken cyclist

This is the third month for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC3) and as the winner of last month’s challenge, My Custard Pie had the “honor” of choosing this month’s theme: Possession.

wine-stain1-3After learning of the theme, I was a bit at a loss–had the theme been “Obsession” I could have easily written for days about my obsession with wine (this is primarily a wine blog after all). “Protection” (as in the way that I needed to protect wine in my cellar from the time when the basement flooded) or even “Depression” (what I feel when I think about all the time and money I have spent on my “Obessession”) would have been perhaps easier to tackle.

“Possession” proved to be far more elusive.

So I did what I usually do when I get a bit of writer’s block, I grab a corkscrew and my favorite glass, and I headed…

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