Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #5 (#MWWC5) Feast

the drunken cyclist

The following is my submission for Monthly Wine Writing Contest #5 (#MWWC5). A bunch of us started the contest a few months ago and this month’s contest is hosted by last month’s winner: Confessions of a Wine Geek. One of the duties of the month’s winner is to choose the topic for the following month. This month’s theme: Feast.

They had only been dating for about a month, but it was already clear that she hated when he was late.

And he was going to be woefully late again. Yet all he could do was stand there.

wine-stain1-3This time he imagined it was far worse, however, since he was going to meet her family for the first time. He had thought it was a little early in their relationship to meet the parents, but that is what happens when you “hook up” at an office Halloween party, start pseudo-dating…

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