Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #6 (#MWWC6)—Mystery

the drunken cyclist

Last week, as winner of the last Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC5) I selected the theme for this month’s challenge (#MWWC6): Mystery.


Last go around, there were eight submissions, which is great, but we would certainly like to see that grow. Several talented writers have remained on the sidelines for far too long and need to get back in the game. I thought about naming them in the hope of shaming them into writing, but that is not my style (actually, that is exactly my style but I will wait until next week to do so).Mystery

Here are the rules and relevant dates:

The rules

  1. Write a post based on this month’s theme: “Mystery”. It can be fiction, non-fiction, wine reviews, diary entries, poems, heck it could even be a transcription of a “butt-call” that you received from your spouse as long as it has something to do with wine…

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