MWWC #3 – Wine and Sarah McLachlan

The Food and Wine Hedonist

mwwcLet’s make this two in a row!  Yesterday’s post featured a soup recipe that I made as part of the Cover-to-Cover 2013 challenge.  Now we have this post that’s another one – the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (MWWC).  This is the third such challenge where wine writers devote a post around a one-word theme.  There’s voting involved and the winner chooses the theme and the rules.  The first theme was “Transportation” and I wrote about Biking through Niagara Wine Country.  The second theme was “Trouble,” which I had an abundance of when it came to remembering about the challenge.  The deadline just flew right past me.  How’s that for meta?

Sally ofMy Custard Pie won the last challenge and chose the theme “Possession.”  I’ve been going nutso trying to find a way to link the theme to wine.  One of the things that came to mind was…

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