“Oops” – Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #4

The Wine Raconteur

“Oops” is not the word you want to hear from your surgeon or for that matter from your Certified Public Accountant.  We are having the fourth installment of the “Monthly Wine Writing Challenge” and the theme of “Oops” has been suggested by last month’s winner “The Wine Kat.”  As I pondered the relevance of this term to the subject of wine, I could envision the concept of pratfalls or spills of great bottles of wine, or the loss of a great bottle of wine that is now over the hill because of the misplacement of the bottle in a cellar, or from improper storage.  I thought of funny anecdotes and even some sad stories that could arise from this simple four letter word.  What pray tell could I write about, and then I thought of resurrecting my favorite wine story that I have relayed in the very early…

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