Possession: Entry Denied


Paris.  A dark and stormy afternoon threatened to put a damper on our plans for the day:  Notre Dame cathedral, Ste. Chapelle, then a walk to one of the museums nearby.


As we exited the Metro, drizzle became a steady rain.  Glad for a respite from the rain, we enjoyed Notre Dame.  To think it was all built by hand!


Leaving Notre Dame, we were caught in a downpour.  I had hoped to climb the 400 or so stairs to see Paris from the gargoyle’s viewpoint, but it was not to be. Quick, find a dry spot!  We jumped over to the Left Bank and spotted a warm little café with a wine bar next door.  No question, wine bar.  The young owner of both establishments was our host in the wine bar.  Julie ordered a warm bowl of filling soup, and I had the plat of the day.



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