The Possession Obsession

Duff's Wines

wine-stain1-2Two months ago, The Drunken Cyclist, Jeff, challenged all wine bloggers to write a post on a theme. That first one was “Transportation” and you can see my post here. Then the winner of that challenge, The Armchair Sommellier, issued the second challenge. This time the theme was “Trouble” and my effort is here. Now, the latest winner My Custard Pie has selected “Possession” as this month’s theme.

Here goes.

I feel that, on a circular, intersecting continuum of sorts, there are three degrees of wine geeks out there:

winedrinkerThe Wine Drinker – they can be seen at parties, at their dinner table, and wine bars with a glass of their favourite wine, sniffing, swishing, slurping and aahing. Most wine geeks start as Wine Drinkers at the beginning of their journey and, if they’re worth their salt (does anyone know where that saying comes from –…

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