Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #6 (#MWWC6)—Mystery

the drunken cyclist

The posts are slowly coming in for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC6) and I just wanted to throw out a friendly reminder that the deadline to submit your entry is fast approaching! Thus far, I know of two entries (both of which have been reblogged on I have also heard from many of you (you know who you are) that you will be entering this month, but as of yet, well, bupkis.


Entries thus far:

One Edible Quest

Wine Ramblings

Once again, here are the rules and relevant dates:

The rules

  1. Write a post based on this month’s theme: “Mystery”. It can be fiction, non-fiction, wine reviews, diary entries, poems, heck it could even be a transcription of a “butt-call” that you received from your spouse as long as it has something to do with wine and incorporates the theme in some way.
  2. The post should be…

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