A Study of Scarlet: A Red Wine “Conundrum” #MWWC6


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Of all our adventures together, I hesitated to publish this for fear of disclosing information dire to national security and international trade.  However, upon hearing that the serial publication, Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC6), had chosen “Mystery” for its 6th topic, I could not resist.  The following is a faithful account of one of Sherlock Holmes’ greatest cases.

We arrived at the crime scene before Scotland Yard.

My associate opened the door and we walked into a cavernous space.  It was brightly lit, like a stage at London’s Palace Theater.  But instead of costumed-actors, brightly colored isles spanned for a seeming eternity.  Innumerable produce and products of manufacture filled its shelves.  It reminded me of a Sunday market or bazaar but entirely under one roof.

I expected him to jump into action, as was…

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