Mystery: What Price for this Wine?


What would you pay for this wine? 
A common question posed by someone selling wine from a value geography or a grape or winery you haven’t heard of before.  Of course, the wine does have a price, and after you taste and guess they will tell you the answer.  But how would you put a price on a wine made by a garagiste, or someone who will someday have their own winery but they have not yet made their first commercial batch?

This was my challenge when my friend Mellissa Solin gave me a bottle of Zinfandel from her cousin, an upcoming winemaker in Lodi, California.  Like many young winemakers, his day job is at a much bigger winery.  The winery job pays the bills while he gains experience and works to build his own brand.

My mystery wine came complete with its post-it note label full of information. It’s…

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