Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #6—Final Update

the drunken cyclist

wine-stain1-3Since my last update, there have been (at least) four more entries for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, bringing the total number of entries thus far up to (at least) fourteen!

I remain very confident that we will break the record for total number of entries (15) since several incredible writers have not yet entered (Talk-a-Vino, Food and Wine Hedonist, The Winegetter, Armchairsommelier, and many more).

But there are only a few days left to enter! Remember, the deadline for entry is midnight, January 13th (although truth be told, as long as it is in by the time I post on Tuesday, 1/14 I will include it)!

Once again, the theme this month is “Mystery” and all the rules for the challenge (and all the previous challenges and entries) can be found here:

Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #6—Mystery

Here are the entries thus far (they can also be found over…

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