#MWWC6: Mystery – Terroir


Yes, folks…it's time for another bloody Monthly Wine Writing Challenge.

It’s that time…another bloody Monthly Wine Writing Challenge…

#MWWC6 Topic: Mystery.

by L.M. Archer, FWS

Thanks, thedrunkencyclist…Great idea…Vote for binNotes here: MWWC 6.

As noted in a previous binNotes post, Burgundy beckons as the ultimate ’riddle wrapped inside a mystery inside an enigma.”

For me, the mystery of Burgundy lies in the concept of terroir, a concept difficult to describe outside the borders of Burgundy.

To Burgundians, terroir speaks to the tangible, such as soil, aspect, location, water, and weather.  It also speaks to the intangible, to its soul, not just its soil. I’ll leave the ‘quantifiable components’ of terroir –  details about  limestone and eastern exposures and dry farming and stone clos and combes and fault lines, to others more eloquent on the topic.

I prefer to speak to the ‘unquantifiable component’ of terroir, its ‘soul’ –  and perhaps Burgundy’s deepest mystery.

 The Spanish have a term for soul: duende. ‘

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