Devotion: The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge

The Wine Raconteur

“Hopelessly devoted to you” was the lead in for the newest Monthly Wine Writing Challenge and hopefully, no one will ask me to sing the song, or what ever potential readers I have will run away in droves.  The theme is “devotion” and I had to ponder how I was going to write about this subject.  Am I devoted to wines?  Perhaps, but that does not sound well, am I devoted to my Bride?  Of course I am, and I write about my wine adventures, and she is a major part of most of the stories.  Usually I remember a place or a wine and then I write about the event, which is what a Raconteur worth his Merlot should do.  Devotion can have many nuances as I bantered the subject around in my head, and then it finally came to me.

 wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

My “devotion” for wine, is in the…

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