Words of Devotion #MWWC7


The entries are starting to come in,  We have one more week to get in on the challenge so pour a glass of inspiration and show us what you’ve got.  Comment below with a link to your piece and I’ll add it below.

The birthday party is behind me, the Elsa dress was a success, but guess what showed up in its place?  Nothing like a fast moving stomach bug.  So far 3 down, I’m the only one still standing (Fingers crossed, probiotics downed).  I guess I could write about the wine I drank after the laundry I did, lysol I sprayed, and hours of sleep lost?  That is devotion, right?  Chances are it would be stream of conciousness dribble at this point, but sometimes that works.

I will try my hand at creating a poll a la Drunken Cyclist but I make no promises. In the meantime, check out the…

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