Creeped out by “Devotion”

the winegetter


This is my entry in the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (MWWC), the theme is “Devotion”. See for further details here. Boy, it sure was a challenge for me this time! 🙂

Blame it on my five years of Latin in high school, but when I hear the word “devotion” I think first and foremost of the Latin term: devotio. Its meaning has shaped my uneasy relationship with the word.

My Stowasser dictionary (the classic Latin-German dictionary for over a century) gives the following translations for devotio:

1. vow, self-sacrificing;
2.a. curse, 2.b. magic;
3. prayer, dedication (to God), humble request.

Not exactly stuff that is right up my alley. The term stems from the verb devovere, which creeps me out even more:

1. to vow, designate, consecrate as a sacrifice;
2. to sacrifice one self, to suffer the death of sacrifice;
3. to make vows, to…

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