True Devotion

Joy of Wine


As I was reading the one of the Drunken Cyclist’s posts, I too was reminded of how much my writing has changed sinced I started this whole blog adventure.  And while I don’t claim to be an incredible writer, it has certainly come a long way.  And I can tell you this:  I LOVE to write, and when you don’t get too bogged down on the details and wine jargon, it comes a little easier…at least for me.  Inspiration comes through the oddest thing sometimes, and when it hits, you gotta run with it! So…I’m jumping in with both feet to the Mystery Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC7) , and with SAHMellier’s topic, I was hit with a giant burst of it, so onward with the writing!

The topic for this challenge is Devotion…hmm ONJ?  I work in a world of acronyms (my other job is at a bank :)) so I  just chuckled when…

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