MWWC#7: Requiem for a Potholder

The Armchair Sommelier

Of all the ridiculous things to be sentimental about . . . I get all slushy and mawkish about my potholders.  Yes, potholders.  I’ve had (and used!) the same potholders for over two decades.
I received them as a wedding gift (or maybe they were a shower gift?) in 1992.  I haven’t the foggiest recollection who gave them to me.  But one might say I’m devoted* to them.

Now that you think I’ve got a screw loose (screws fall out all the time, the world’s an imperfect place), let me introduce you to my potholders:


You don’t have to tell me they’re ugly.  I know they’re ugly — ugly and awesome!  They’re mauve and wedgewood blue — it’s like setting the DeLorean for 1992 every time I take a casserole out of the oven.  And they’re still perfectly serviceable.  But my daughter says they’re embarrassing.  She’s begging me to get rid…

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