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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #8: Time to Vote!

What’s luck got to do with it?

We have a first time entry into this month’s challenge (#MWWC8) from Chinon & Beaujolais

You can check out her entry here:

What’s luck got to do with it?: An exploration of fortune and fate in winemaking…

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Is it Luck or Fate? (#MWWC8)

the drunken cyclist

wine-stain1-3 I guess most people can look back and pick out a pivotal time or even a moment that shaped the rest of their life. Often, that key point in time involved a pivotal moment, or a memorable event. Other times, you have no clue why or how things turned out like they did.

When people ask me how I got involved in wine, I can point to a specific moment, an exact place that set me on the path to becoming wine obsessed. I was teaching at a boarding school in New York, and was visiting my older sister in Cleveland over winter break. I was sitting on her couch, a bit bored, and, as luck would have it, there was a Bicycling magazine on her coffee table.

I picked up the magazine and quickly read it cover to cover (OK, I did not read it “cover-to-cover” but rather…

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Lucky or Grateful?


MWWC_logo The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, or MWWC for short, had been ongoing for a while – and one would think that all the aspiring writers mastered the basics by now and can handle any challenge word with increasing ease. Yet every time I write a post for the MWWC, I hope that the next one will come easier – and it doesn’t happen. This post, with the subject of “luck”, was probably the hardest of all, and I’m trying to finish it in the last 20 minutes before the clock passes the midnight mark. This might be more of a rant than just a regular post, but you will be the judge of it…

Lets forget the wine for a minute and just talk about the concept of luck. If you are looking for one abused, misused and misinterpreted idea, this might it. Just think about all the monikers…

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MWWC8: Luck, in a matter of speaking


MWWC_imageWow, lucky me, I am done with winter quarter classes and exams just in time to discover the MWWC8 writing challenge word: Luck.  I am happy to participate with such illustrious writers and humbly submit my entry at the last minute.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Walla Walla AVA.  Seven men sat on the stage discussing their early years making wine, growing grapes and incubating one of the current world’s ‘Top Wine Tourist Destinations’.  They said many times over how lucky they have been.

Lucky would be a single vintage succeeding, a single person making a go of making wine from red grape varietals that weren’t suppose to grow in our climate.  Luck must like it here; these seven men, their families and many more like them (we have over 150 wineries and many independent vineyards locally) have been…

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#MWWC8: Luck, it’s all your fault.


It’s been just a little over a month since I’ve started this new wee venture and what a month. New Zealand, Las Vegas, San Fran, LA… it’s been a whirlwind. Now having put the ol’ suitcase in the closet coupled with a lack of employment and a late winter storm there seems to be a surplus of time available to seek out new wine blogs to geek out with.
That’s how I stumbled upon this interesting little challenge.

mwwcThe Monthly Wine Writing Challenge does just as the title entails. It challenges wine bloggers by presenting a monthly theme chosen by the previous months winner. Last month the Sweet Sommelier won with this post on Devotion. As one of the new guys on the block with only 10 blog posts under my belt I wasn’t sure about entering. Then again I love a good challenge and am secretly quite competitive.

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All the Blessings in the World

Joy of Wine

For this months Wine Writing Challenge (MWWC#8), the theme Luck was picked by the lovely Miss Sweet Sommelier. You’re probably wondering about the title of this blog…don’t worry, I’ll get to that.  For the moment, just read on…

wine-stain1-3What do I think about when I hear this word?  There’s  Lucky DuckThe Luck of the Irish, The Luck of the Draw, “This is good Luck”, A Stroke of LuckFeeling Lucky?…just to name a few.  We’ve all heard them, and we’ve all probably used them at some point in our vocabularies and conversations.  I know I have.  I remember as a kid, when some childhood friends of ours (with whom we spent many Christmases) received the Commodore 64 computer system as a Christmas gift!  “Aww, you lucky ducks!”…was what I found myself muttering back then.  (It was a big deal…trust me!) Lucky…

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