Finding Devotion in the Cold and in Wine

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge Monthly Wine Writing Challenge

This is my entry in the monthly wine writing challenge (#MWWC7). If you like it, go over to their website and vote for it.  And please take time to enjoy my fellow wine-bloggers’ wonderful entries as well. And now…

While I’ve truly enjoyed both of the wines below in this cold snap, they share some common threads and inspire my own story on the theme of devotion, this month’s topic, chosen by last month’s winner, SAHMmelier. I’ve been enjoying reading all the entries from my fellow wine bloggers.

The last 3 weeks have brought epic amounts of snow to my front door. This has had some negative implications. To name a few: back-breaking shoveling, dangerous driving and lots of cold. But also, some positives such as ski trips, extra days spent home with family, and time and reason to open some additional wines…

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