#MWWC8 Wanna Get Lucky?

Duff's Wines

wine-stain1-2There’s a somewhat self-abusive sport that wine bloggers play each month. It’s called the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. It’s where wine bloggers undertake to express opinions, tell a story, entertain their peeps upon a theme cruelly chosen by the winner of the previous month’s challenge. This month our most recent winner The Sweet Sommelier has chosen the theme ‘Luck”. Well, I am the luckiest guy I know so it should have been easy, right? Wrong!

There’s a saying in sport – “You have to lucky to be good. And, you have to be good to be lucky.” Essentially indicating that excellence carries a symbiotic relationship with luck. I believe it – you make your own luck either good or bad. With wine, to quote Raymond Babbitt, “You most definitely, most definitely, definitely make your own luck”.

“So, how do I get lucky with wine, Bill?” Well, if I knew anything…

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