Wish me luck as you serve me Tokaji



There is a prize for the most painful pun, right?  As our esteemed “goodwill ambassador” the drunken “cyclist” so eloquently expressed it in his reminder post, I am finding this prompt difficult, but my butt is now in gear (said in my best American accent).  Thanks to last month’s winner, the “sweet” sommelier (a misnomer if ever I heard one, she’s clearly an evil genius) for setting such a fiendishly difficult challenge this month.

What’s the biggest stroke of luck you’ve ever had?  For me, it would have to be meeting my husband (aaahhhhhhhh).  After years of Bridget Jones-style disastrous dating of commitment-phobic public schoolboys (the English, posh, emotionally damaged kind), big knickers and drinking bad Chardonnay, I finally met a man prepared to marry me.  The lucky part?  My sparsely-filled social diary made the prospect of a work night out with a local firm of accountants sound appealing and…

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