#MWWC8: Luck, it’s all your fault.


It’s been just a little over a month since I’ve started this new wee venture and what a month. New Zealand, Las Vegas, San Fran, LA… it’s been a whirlwind. Now having put the ol’ suitcase in the closet coupled with a lack of employment and a late winter storm there seems to be a surplus of time available to seek out new wine blogs to geek out with.
That’s how I stumbled upon this interesting little challenge.

mwwcThe Monthly Wine Writing Challenge does just as the title entails. It challenges wine bloggers by presenting a monthly theme chosen by the previous months winner. Last month the Sweet Sommelier won with this post on Devotion. As one of the new guys on the block with only 10 blog posts under my belt I wasn’t sure about entering. Then again I love a good challenge and am secretly quite competitive.

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