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MWWC8 : A tale of Two Harrys

Wine Ramblings

MWWC Here is my entry for the March edition of the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. The previous winner was The Sweet Sommelier  with a post on the them of Devotion. This month’s challenge theme is Luck. Hopefully i will be more inspired than last month !

Without further ado, here is my Luck entry for the MWWC8 :

Liquid Luck or a Tale of Two Harrys

In one of the Harry Potter novels there is a potion called Felix Felicis that characters describe as “liquid luck”. Now I love the Harry Potter books, but I have to say it right there, liquid luck already exists; it’s called wine, check it out.


I could go down the easy road and just say that wine can get you drunk, sometimes drunk enough to make questionable choices and, in a certain acceptation of the term, “get lucky”. But I will not do that. I…

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MWWC: Luck…Be a Lady Tonight

The Wine Raconteur

The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge gauntlet has been dropped by SAHMmelier and the theme is “luck.”  I ponder several concepts for this, as I find that each theme has the potential to go off on many tangents.  Do I write about a great wine that I found?  Do I write about a wine that I thought was over the hill, but opened it up and it was wonderful?  Do I write about a wine that was opened with great anticipation and found that it was not (bad luck)?  These monthly challenges are just that, a challenge to make us write an essay, which is out of our norm.

 wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

As a dyed in the wool last remnant of the Rat Pack, I guess I was born one generation too late, when I hear the word “luck” I automatically think of” Luck, be a lady tonight” and all of the wonderful…

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #8: Luck

The Sybarite

Did you know that the word “luck” and the word “wine” were derived from the same ancient Phoenician word?  No?  Good.  Because I just made that up.  I have watched a group of bloggers do these monthly writing challenges on a given topic and it seems fun so I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.  The subject of this month’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge is “LUCK.”  Because the whole spirit of joining this challenge is to get out of your standard writing box, I’ve decided not to write on a single aspect as it relates to a wine-luck interface, but some thoughts I had about a few different aspects.

Lucky for us, somehow wine and yeast found each other.  Think back to somewhere around 4500 BC when wine production was first being developed.  Keep in mind that this is a solid 6000 years before Louis Pasteur convinced…

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Wish me luck as you serve me Tokaji



There is a prize for the most painful pun, right?  As our esteemed “goodwill ambassador” the drunken “cyclist” so eloquently expressed it in his reminder post, I am finding this prompt difficult, but my butt is now in gear (said in my best American accent).  Thanks to last month’s winner, the “sweet” sommelier (a misnomer if ever I heard one, she’s clearly an evil genius) for setting such a fiendishly difficult challenge this month.

What’s the biggest stroke of luck you’ve ever had?  For me, it would have to be meeting my husband (aaahhhhhhhh).  After years of Bridget Jones-style disastrous dating of commitment-phobic public schoolboys (the English, posh, emotionally damaged kind), big knickers and drinking bad Chardonnay, I finally met a man prepared to marry me.  The lucky part?  My sparsely-filled social diary made the prospect of a work night out with a local firm of accountants sound appealing and…

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#MWWC8 Luck, chance…or fate?

The Family Nose

MWWC logo

I thought I would throw my hat into the ring for March’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC), created by The Drunken Cyclist with arguably what should have been the very first post on my blog. Thanks also to The Sweet Sommelier for setting this month’s theme: Luck.

Where did it start? When I put myself through the pain of taking WSET exams, long after my days of university and sweaty-palmed last-minute cramming? Or was it before that; the London years attending wine fairs and tastings, and being ‘the wine girl’ amongst friends? Or even before then? The time spent living in the Loire Valley; days of Châteaux, sun and Sancerre?

It’s hard to tell where my love affair with wine began, but it’s been with me for as long as I can remember. But turning a love, a passion and a hobby into a career is something else entirely. Is…

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#MWWC8 Wanna Get Lucky?

Duff's Wines

wine-stain1-2There’s a somewhat self-abusive sport that wine bloggers play each month. It’s called the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. It’s where wine bloggers undertake to express opinions, tell a story, entertain their peeps upon a theme cruelly chosen by the winner of the previous month’s challenge. This month our most recent winner The Sweet Sommelier has chosen the theme ‘Luck”. Well, I am the luckiest guy I know so it should have been easy, right? Wrong!

There’s a saying in sport – “You have to lucky to be good. And, you have to be good to be lucky.” Essentially indicating that excellence carries a symbiotic relationship with luck. I believe it – you make your own luck either good or bad. With wine, to quote Raymond Babbitt, “You most definitely, most definitely, definitely make your own luck”.

“So, how do I get lucky with wine, Bill?” Well, if I knew anything…

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