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Indian Paradox: Masala Vada, Mousetrap and Wine

We have another great entry into this month’s challenge (#MWWC8) from Indian Paradox

You can check out her entry here:

Masala Vada, Mousetrap and Wine

Remember the deadline for this month’s challenge is Today (Sunday)!

MWWC9 Reminder

the drunken cyclist

wine-stain1-3 Well, I am off for another trip—this time to Salzburg, Austria. How can I possibly be going on another somewhat extravagant trip, you ask? Let’s just say that I marry very well. As I soar at 40,000 feet, I wanted to remind you about the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC9) as the deadline is fast approaching (a week from Monday). For those of you new to the game, this month’s theme is:


The rules

  1. The Challenge is open to anybody and everybody. It helps if you have a blog, but that is certainly not a requirement (contact me if this is the case).
  2. Write a post based on this month’s theme: “Fear”.
  3. The post should be at least tangentially related to wine (after all, it is the name of the challenge!).
  4. The post should be more or less around 1000 words (I routinely violate this rule, so it is just…

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Fears of the Oenophile


MWWC_logoIt feels strange, may be even bad, to re-blog your own post, I know. So if you disapprove, lash away in the comments section. But it suddenly came to me, that I already had covered the theme of the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #9, “Fear“. Re-reading that older post I thought  – yes, even if I’m to write the new one, it would still be along the same lines. Thus, here is my #MWWC9 contribution:

Fears of the Oenophile.

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MWWC #9: Fear

The Wine Raconteur

Fear and wine do not seem like two words that should be together. I will grant you that there is a certain amount of braggadocio about my character perhaps from my DNA or my Zone 9 environment from Southwest Detroit. I have been pondering this word and how I should go about writing concerning the latest challenge in the “Monthly Wine Writing Challenge.” The more I thought about it, was that there is a certain amount of “fear” or trepidation when opening a bottle of wine for company for a dinner with family or friends.

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge
Easter morning as the house was in a mild state of anarchy in preparation for everyone coming over to our house for the Easter meal, as well as celebrating all of the April birthdays as is a usual custom here; I went into the cellar to see if I could find a likely candidate for…

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MWWC9 : Fear and Loathing in wine tasting

Wine Ramblings

Here is my entry for the new Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. The theme, chosen by last month’s winner Jeff from The Drunken Cyclist is : FEAR

Fear and Loathing in wine tasting

I am actually a Political Science major, so I read, learned and studied many a political quote, I especially love the ones that have crossed over to the mainstream and routinely appear in pop culture, like JFK’s “Do not ask what your country,…” and FDR’s “We have nothing to fear but fear itself“.


It’s a great quote, it’s symmetrical and yes, it makes you want to start digging yourself out of economic depression. The problem is, I totally disagree, there are a lot of things to fear! Just look at nature, there are thousands, literally thousands of animal species who could end you in an instant. The sole existence of Australia is a reminder that nature is scary…

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MWWC9: What would come out of the wardrobe for you?



If you’re not already familiar with the magical world of Harry Potter, a Boggart is a shape-shifting creature that assumes the form of whatever it thinks will most frighten its victim. In Harry’s Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson taught by Professor Lupin, the werewolf-professor supplies a Boggart trapped in a wardrobe for Harry and his fellow students to practise their Boggart-banishing skills.

So, in response to this month’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge prompt selected by two-time Challenge winner the Drunken Cyclist, the question I am asking myself (and you) is “what shape would your Boggart take when coming out of the wardrobe?”

I have several possibilities:


1)      A really scary sommelier, sneering at my wine choice.  I know, I know, the sommelier is there to help us to make us make the best selection to maximise our wining dining pleasure.  Maybe I’ve been scarred by an experience when I…

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#MWWC9 – Slowly Step Away From The Elderberries

Duff's Wines

The Monthly Wine Writing Challenge is an opportunity for wine bloggers to lay bare their writing skills before their peers. Last month’s winner, The Drunken Cyclist chose this month’s theme: ‘Fear’. I was afraid to try a response. Cowed by past failures to work my clever short pieces into a lucrative book deal. Anxious that I didn’t present a ‘new voice’ on the topic. A fear that I worked through with the help of, well, a glass of wine or three.

I’ve found that people are generally motivated by two things: the possibility of success and all that comes with it and fear. I’m sure that there’s a pop psychology book and charismatic leader (Wayne Dire?) out there that claims to help you move from fear to striving for success – something like Forget Your Fear and Rule Your World – monthly FYFRYW magazines going out to little George Bushes…

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Mr. X’s – Open That Bottle Night

We have our first submission for #MWWC9 from The Cabfranca Files. Welcome and good luck!

The Cabfranca Files

MWWC Badge

I consider myself an unpretentious wine appreciator, but I find that as my palate is becoming more honed, I am hampered by the budget of a single working lady. With few exceptions I buy within my own wallet limitations. Fortunately, there are many great wines $30 and under that exist for my rack space.

So you won’t be seeing the Châteauneuf-du-Papes, the Pomerols, or Saint-Juliens in my wine collection. But I am fortunate to have friends who do run with the big dogs.pups in wine boxes

Sometimes they invite this puppy to lap from their bowls. Er, enough of the dog analogies.

Recently I was invited to Mr X’s ‘Open That Bottle’ (commonly referred to as OTB) party on a lovely warm-for-Seattle April night. The loft apartment was cute, the lights low and candles lit, the inviting ambiance was perfect for an evening of wine tasting and conversation

‘Open That Bottle’ is…

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #9 (#MWWC9)

the drunken cyclist

On Monday, I won the latest Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (#MWWC8). A few of us started the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge last summer with the desire to promote more creative wine writing. The thought was that we get caught up in tasting notes, winery visits, and the occasional food porn and we soon forget that part of the reason we put in all the hours that we do on these silly blogs is that we love to write!wine-stain1-3

There were several great suggestions at the end of last month’s challenge and I am in the process of codifying them. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be contacting several of you to try and determine what changes (if any) we should implement with the challenge. In the meantime, I thought we should get the creative juices flowing nonetheless.

Part of the Challenge is that the previous month’s winner gets to chose…

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