Mr. X’s – Open That Bottle Night

We have our first submission for #MWWC9 from The Cabfranca Files. Welcome and good luck!

The Cabfranca Files

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I consider myself an unpretentious wine appreciator, but I find that as my palate is becoming more honed, I am hampered by the budget of a single working lady. With few exceptions I buy within my own wallet limitations. Fortunately, there are many great wines $30 and under that exist for my rack space.

So you won’t be seeing the Châteauneuf-du-Papes, the Pomerols, or Saint-Juliens in my wine collection. But I am fortunate to have friends who do run with the big dogs.pups in wine boxes

Sometimes they invite this puppy to lap from their bowls. Er, enough of the dog analogies.

Recently I was invited to Mr X’s ‘Open That Bottle’ (commonly referred to as OTB) party on a lovely warm-for-Seattle April night. The loft apartment was cute, the lights low and candles lit, the inviting ambiance was perfect for an evening of wine tasting and conversation

‘Open That Bottle’ is…

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