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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge 9: Fear–Results!

the drunken cyclist

The voting for the top post for this month’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge has ended. As I mentioned earlier this month, I decided to change things up a bit with the way the “winner” is determined. I thought it would be fun (as well as increasing the exposure of both the Challenge and the quality writing produced) to have a “celebrity” guest determine the winner. Instead of having the judge(s) read all the entries (there were a record 27 this go around), I thought it made more sense to keep the popular vote and then send the top three vote recipients to the judge(s) from which they would select the winner.

I know this is a bit of a change, but I did discuss it with several of the Challenge’s regulars (including several past winners) and it seemed to be universally accepted. In addition to the above advantages, this method…

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge 9–The Winner

the drunken cyclist

As many of you know by now, I slightly altered the way the winner was determined this month for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. For the first eight Challenges, it was a simple popular vote–highest number of votes won. Pretty simple. This month, though, I decided to change it up a bit. There was still the popular vote, but an independent judge chose the winner from the top three in the popular vote.

Why change it up?

Good question.

There were many thoughts that went into the change, but in the end, it was a desire to bring some objectivity as well as a professional eye to the Challenge.

That was the goal.

Our first judge was Kimberly Faye, one of the hosts of WineLife Radio. She is also a published author and an inspirational speaker. Kimberly took the task in front of her and really ran with it…

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Life threatening?


For the last few weeks I have been mulling over the MWCC#9 challenge word postulated by the drunken cyclist, the winner of the MWCC#8 challenge: Fear.  Puttering in the vineyards, cleaning up in the cellar, shifting bottles, pouring wine for customers, studying and trying to fit that word into the world of wine that I know.  There are plenty of apprehensions, concerns, moments of anxiety and disappointments – but being afraid?  No.

This developed into my thinking about life in general and what prompted me to succumb to sick-stomach, tense-jaw, weak-limbed Fear.  These days, I am gratefully secure and happy, not unaware that there is danger, but not directly threatened either.  Wine, in fact, is a larger part of my life because of my associations with Fear and the reality that I could’ve been long gone and have missed savoring so many joys of life, including wine.  My stories are nothing…

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Fear: Love Wine, Hate to Write


#MWWC9 Fear
I’m not a writer.  I don’t have a novel inside.  I’m not compelled to write.  I started my wine/food blog as a way to explore social media, but writing always has been and continues to be a challenge.  Food and cooking?  Great.  Wine?  Love it.  Photography?  Great way to hone my eye and expand my skill. Writing? Ugh.

There it is.  The keyboard, staring right at me. There it is. The keyboard, staring right at me.

Along comes the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. I was happy to participate in the first few sessions. I incorporated food, wine & photos into the story.  I thought I had a shot with a photo essay in #MWWC7 Devotion. Nothing, nada.  Discouraged, I let #MWWC8 pass without an entry.

Then I started to think about fear.  What am I afraid of?  Not winning? Really? I have a new group of friends with a common interest.  I’ve met other photographers, cooks…

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge Entry/ Subject-Fear

GF Wine Country Living

Madman on the Loose, I Could Die Today

On a sunny bucolic vacation day, The Bam, bam bambambam of an automatic weapon splintered the birdsong and rustle of the breeze through the treetops.  “Wait! Were those real gunshots?  Was it someone target practicing? Should I be worried?” we sat on the deck in the sunshine, pondering.  “It is a bit countryish with huge lots in this little seaside enclave of vacation and retiree homes. People could target practice here, I guess. And yet…”

In the twenty years we had been coming to that cabin for a women’s retreat week, we had never heard anything like this.  After all, it is Cleone, a tiny community where the grocery store, post office, and gas pump are rolled into one, where the one restaurant (with consistently awesome Mexican food) opens whenever the owners feel inclined to cook or do business, where the community’s…

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Chinon & Beaujolais: A Harvest In Burgundy – What’s So Scary About That?

We have another great entry into this month’s challenge (#MWWC8) from Chinon & Beaujolais.

You can check out her entry here:

A Harvest In Burgundy – What’s So Scary About That?

Remember the deadline for this month’s challenge is Today (Monday)!