Clients, Environment, People and Community


MWWCIt has become fashionable for businesses to have “values”: a published framework of standards to define and reinforce the business’ culture. ( I know, I’m relapsing into HR doublespeak.  Don’t shoot me.  Malolactic fermentation.  Chaptalisation.  Organoleptic.  And  I’m back in the room.)  At my old law firm, our values were “Clients, Environment, People and Community”.  (They always had capital letters.)

After conducting numerous “employee engagement” sessions attempting to impress upon bored trainees the importance of these values, I left the firm, breathing a sigh of relief that I had put them values behind me. However, when Jeff announced that the Sybarite, winner of last month’s challenge, had chosen “values” as the theme for this month’s challenge, they kept coming back to haunt me, my brain firing links to wine.


I suppose that the relevance of clients depends on which aspect of wine we’re talking about. You could argue…

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