#MWWC 10 – Values



This is my first foray into the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (known as #MWWC to those who participate), which (rather unsurprisingly) is a monthly creative writing challenge to write a piece on a topic chosen by last month’s winner. Last month’s winner, The Sybarite, chose the theme “values”. I’ve long read and enjoyed the entries for the #MWWC and thought that it was high time that I gave it a whirl. So here goes…

We talk about “value” a lot when discussing wine. Trouble is value can mean different things to different people; it is intrinsically subjective. This is because the very concept of value is tied up with our beliefs, experiences, means, morality and pretty much everything else that makes us up. The Germans have an excellent word that sums this concept up, Weltanschauung; there isn’t really an adequate literal translation, but it is effectively the way that you…

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