Your Worth in Wine #MWWC10


Come rain, shine or hack, here is my second attempt of the challenge. wine-stain1-2

There are so many ways to approach the topic of value. It is easy to look at it purely on the basis of dollar and cents. After much thoughts, and mostly done while in the shower unfortunately, I felt that it might be interesting to approach it unconventionally. So this post has gone through several re-writings and editing.

The subject of value in relation of wine can go beyond its value.  Alone, it will sit on the shelf collecting dust. Its worth will always be tied closely to us the moment we take it off that shelf, revealing glimpses of who we are. I am not referring to the depth of our pockets for it. But our decisions as to how we access, handle and share them with the our friends.

It is not that value of the wine that…

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