#MWWC10: What are Your Vinous Values?


#MWWC10: Value
This is my entry in this month’s wine writing challenge; a friendly competition with an ever growing group of wine blogging friends. The theme this month is “Value”. Want to see some other entries? Visit the #MWWC blog!

wine-stain1-2The World as We Know It
80% of the people who drink wine pick something up at the store, and drink it that day.  They enjoy wine, but that’s the end of it. They might be swayed be a high scoring wine for a low price at the shop, but that’s it. And they could care less what any wine writer or blogger thinks.

For the remaining 20%, there seems to be a battle of right and wrong, my preference or yours.  Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, or New California Wine, anti-taste elite.  Whatever happened to celebrating the wide variety of wines available for those of us who care to pay…

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