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#MWWC10: Values



I find it a funny thing to talk about.  Value.  I know a lot of people are probably going to use this month to write about values, be it a set of beliefs or ways of living their lives, and above all about drinking their wines.  I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach.  I want to talk about the idea of value.  What’s something worth to you?

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Paying For Amy – Value and Wine #MWWC10

Duff's Wines

There’s a self-abusive, yet strangely entertaining, monthly event in wine writing circles called the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. Last month the challenge was won by The Sybarite. And, as is the custom, he got to choose the theme for this month’s challenge – Value.

MWWCWe hear all the time about ‘value wines’. Wine Spectator and the other trade publications have an annual “Value Wines” edition. Frankly it’s a tall order for anyone to land on what wines might provide value for others. I used to studiously pour over the lists and compare to my local availability. Sure, it’s how I twigged to some of the wines that I’ve come to love in most vintages. So, it is a start to finding wines that taste good and within their definition don’t cost as much as they deliver. But I believe that’s a narrow definition of ‘value’. How does anyone, expert or…

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MWWC: Value

The Wine Raconteur

The Sybarite, one of the Wine Bloggers has challenged us with a topic and the topic is “value.” The library we have in our house is adjacent to our front foyer and looks into our living room, and yes we have a living room that people actually use all of the time. In one of the corners of the library is a classic dictionary stand that I bought to keep my dictionary on, and I know that this is old fashioned with the internet, but I can remember years ago when I was in grade school my Mother buying weekly installments of this dictionary until we had all of the parts and then it was assembled. This is just to lead into the fact that I looked up the word “value” and the first definition was worth.

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

Worth that mysterious word that people use when they discover that you collect…

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My Vinous Values

Confessions of a Wine Geek


It has been a few months since I entered the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, now into the 10th edition, so I decided it was time to get back on the horse. This month’s theme, Values, was chosen by the previous month’s winner, The Sybarite (you can read the winning article here), and here is my effort…

My Vinous Values


There are so many different ways to interpret the subject of values in the world of wine; should I write about the virtues of natural wine-making, the mysteries of biodynamics or organic viticulture? Or how about treating values as points… now there’s a discussion that always creates much debate in vinous circles. After much consideration I thought I would use this an opportunity to explore my own personal wine values; a chance to create my own list of principles.

1. Never stop learning

Wine is one of the…

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The Value of Vino

somm on the run

I’ve been blogging with growing momentum over the last few months, and I have to admit, I’ve been really impressed with the quality of wine writing coming from the online community, specifically among WordPress writers. The amount of talent and knowledge and passion out there is mind-boggling. I want to contribute, so this post is my submission to the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge; this month’s topic is “value”.

The definition of value is one of extreme subjectivity whenever it is used in the English language. Our first reaction is to say: “Well, it’s about price-versus-quality,” but in reality it’s about price-versus-appreciability; and that’s where the bias comes in.

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MWWC10 : Values, tradition and the value of change

Wine Ramblings

It’s a new month, it’s a new Wine Writing Challenge! As always, the theme was chose by the last winner, The Sybarite, and his choice was “Values”. I’m looking forward to reading what people will come up with, in the meantime, here is my entry. I hope you will excuse the very academic title, just a shout out to high school French students now taking their philosophy baccalaureat exam.


Values, tradition, and the value of change

“Values” is a tricky word, so many possible meanings… When in doubt, I like to start with a quote; it helps settle the issue at hand and give perspective. I think something important about values was formulated by an early 21st century philosopher, Seth McFarlane: “It seems today that all we see is violence in movies and sex on TV. But where are those good old-fashioned values on which we used to rely?”…

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A Flexible Value System

The Sybarite

As the winner of last month’s MWWC, I got to pick the theme for this month.  I’ll be honest, when I picked the theme I had no idea what I would write about but I knew it was a theme that could go so many different ways that it would lead to some great entries from our talented group of friendly competitors.  I began to formulate ideas for an entry like I normally do by asking myself questions.  What do I value about wine? What values to have hold to regarding wine?  What makes wine valuable?

All great questions but it lead me to a more important one:  How do things that I value end up intersecting with wine?  I realized that this is the case more often than not.  If I have a major life event, I celebrate with some wine.  If am spending time with good friends we…

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Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #10 (#MWWC10)

the drunken cyclist

A couple of weeks ago, The Sybarite won Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #9 (#MWWC9) and just like all winners of the Challenge, his “reward” was to choose the theme for the following Challenge (in this case #MWWC10).

A few of us started the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge last summer with the desire to promote more creative wine writing. The thought was that we get caught up in tasting notes, winery visits, and the occasional food porn and we soon forget that part of the reason we put in all the hours that we do on these silly blogs is that we love to write!


The Sybarite has been quite busy with all the fame associated with winning the Challenge (actually, he has been rather bogged down with his day job), so he asked me to announce this month’s theme here. So, without any further ado. for this month’s theme, the Sybarite has…

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