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What do I REALLY value?

Joy of Wine

wine-stain1-3(This is my entry for #MWWC10 based on the theme Value(s) chosen by last month’s winner the Sybarite)

I must admit….I struggled with this topic.  So much so, that in my mind, I said…”nope, not entering this one!”  But as the deadline approaches, I find myself thinking deeply on this topic.  As our illustrious previous winner stated:  it’s a broad topic.  It could go many different ways.  Yes, it is.  So the question is, where do I go with this?

There was a tasting at the store I work at part-time, hosted by a lovely Italian man who represented Donnafugata…(some great wines by the way).  He mentioned something that I paid attention to:  He is a former military man and talked of how on the barracks, the men were actually allowed to consume wine at lunch.  Really?  Like, just go to the little machine, push a button, and have a glass of…

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#MWWC10–Time To Vote!

It is that time again: Time to Vote for the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge! This month there are sixteen articles to read, and your task is to vote for your favorites. You can vote for up to three, and the blog that receives the most votes will be declared the winner and will have instant and gratifying fame!


Maybe not.

The winner will have the honor of selecting the theme for next month’s Challenge, however.

I finished the internet this morning, looking for additional entries, but it is still possible that I missed one! If that is the case, please get in touch with me right away so I can get your post on the ballot! Also, let me know if any of the links are not working!