What do I REALLY value?

Joy of Wine

wine-stain1-3(This is my entry for #MWWC10 based on the theme Value(s) chosen by last month’s winner the Sybarite)

I must admit….I struggled with this topic.  So much so, that in my mind, I said…”nope, not entering this one!”  But as the deadline approaches, I find myself thinking deeply on this topic.  As our illustrious previous winner stated:  it’s a broad topic.  It could go many different ways.  Yes, it is.  So the question is, where do I go with this?

There was a tasting at the store I work at part-time, hosted by a lovely Italian man who represented Donnafugata…(some great wines by the way).  He mentioned something that I paid attention to:  He is a former military man and talked of how on the barracks, the men were actually allowed to consume wine at lunch.  Really?  Like, just go to the little machine, push a button, and have a glass of…

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