Dinner Alone with Daltetto Bubbly and Pier Barbaresco #MWWC11


So, I’m alone.  My wife has her brewing club tonight.  Friends have probably made it home already.  But the month ends tomorrow.  I have to burn through my expense account.    Stuck downtown, I decide to indulge my loneliness with wine and dinner.

Now, we prefer to cook and drink at home.  Exploring the cutting edge of city cuisine costs a fortune.  But I give it a chance just this once.

Sweaty thermometers still read 93 F.  My palate begs for icy, dry bubbly. Wil suggests something off the list: Deltetto, Rosé Brut, Metodo Classico, Italy:

Deltetto Sparkling wineHalf Pinot Nero (Noir) and half Nebbiolo (!!!) one rarely thinks of bubbly (let alone 48 months of Champagne method bubbly) from the Piedmont: home to Barbaresco and Barolo.  Yet there it is, at the table, waiting to tell me all about itself.

Appearance: It looks gorgeous in an odd kind of way.  The core…

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