Lies My Mother Told Me (#MWWC11)

A Famished Foodie

I follow a fantastic wine blogger called The Drunken Cyclist who often posts about these Monthly Wine Writing Challenges that occur, believe it or not, monthly. Since I’ve graduated, I’ve had quite a bit of free time, so I decided to enter this month’s challenge on the theme of friendship. Full disclosure though, I can write about wine, and I can write about friendship, but I’m no expert on either subject, so prepare yourselves for the mess that is probably this essay.


Between thinking Happy Days was the best show every created and having an unfortunate mole on my nose, I had a hard time making friends growing up. I was always drawn to things that were “unusual” for someone my age. When other kids wanted pizza, I chowed down on grilled octopus, eggplant stews, and mushrooms. Instead of sleepovers, makeovers, and birthday parties, I spent my free time devouring John…

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