#MWWC 11 – Friend



This is my second foray into the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (known as #MWWC to those who participate), which (rather unsurprisingly) is a monthly creative writing challenge to write a piece on a topic chosen by last month’s winner. Last month’s winner, Dracaena Wines, chose the theme “friend”, a somewhat challenging topic; so I decided to go for a spot of creative story and wrote a short story. So, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin….

Through Wine and Friendship

John looked at his watch, he was late; he was always late. He reflected momentarily that it was a good thing that Walter knew him so well and would be expecting him to be late. He rang the door-bell in his customary manner, three short blasts. After a couple of seconds Walter came to the door and opened it briskly.

“You’re late. Luckily I thought you would be or else…

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