Is it Possible to Remain Friends in the Wine Industry?

the drunken cyclist

Although I have been doing this blog thing for about two and a half years, I have been “into“ wine for quite a bit longer. As a result, I have visited plenty of wine regions in this country and in Europe. One statement that has really stood out over all those visits is:

“What sets our region apart from other regions, is that we really have a sense of collaboration here. We are all friends and we realize that a ‘rising tide raises all ships’—when one of us succeeds, we all benefit. That is why we are always helping each other out.”

Here’s a little quiz: Where was I when I heard this comment?

A. Dry Creek Valley; B. Napa Valley; C. Paso Robles; D. Willamette Valley

The answer?

A., C., and D.

By and large, I have found that people who get into the wine business are a pretty friendly lot and…

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