How to make friends and intoxicate people


MWWCApologies, friends. I know that this month’s entry is a little on the tardy side, but I have been wrestling with the fiendish challenge set by last month’s worthy winner, Dracaena Wines, to write on the subject of “friend”.

I made a couple of false starts:

1) Serious thoughts about food and wine matching – how wine and food can be (a) the perfect mariage (b) headed for the divorce courts, or (c) just a bit indifferent to each other. However, I have nothing like enough expertise in this area to write anything that people would be interested in. Although I can tell you that Malbec (to be more precise, Tour de Belfort Malbec Cabernet Franc 2012) is fantastic with chipotle prawns. I made a bit of a matching cock-up the other night. I was making swordfish salad and wasn’t sure what to serve with it, so I consulted Larousse…

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