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Tempranillo Friends

From Vinho Verde to Barolo with Love

This is my entry for theMWWC#11The topic this month isFriend

I came to the class early to get a seat up front. Scheduled monthly, I like to take advantage of the wine classes that Total Wine offers, not so much for the grape and region information. Although I always learn something, generally, the information is pretty basic. Mainly, I go to the classes for the opportunity to taste through the wines.

As I sat down, a woman about my age sat next to me and introduced herself. We spoke a bit before the class began. She had just recently moved here from San Francisco. I offered my condolences and let her know that I, also had just moved here, er, gosh, has it been 13 years, already?! Our conversation continued easily and jovially for the few minutes before class began.

Then it was time to head to…

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Friends and Wine: The Perfect Pairing


This is my first entry into the Monthly Wine Writers Challenge. What is #MWWC11? It was developed by The Drunken Cyclist in an effort to encourage creativity in wine blogs. This month represents the 11th month of the challenge. The first month was won by The Armchair Sommelier. Each month’s winner selects the topic for the following month. Last month’s winner Dracaena Winery selected the topic “friends.” As soon as I read the topic I knew it was a topic I could embrace. After all, wine is always better with friends. To learn more about the #MWWC11 visit The Drunken Cyclist’s post on July 16. Furthermore, each of the three blogs mentioned are each blogs you should be following!

MWWCThe evening of July 16, coincidentally the same date The Drunken Cyclist posted the new #MWWC11 topic, I had a planned Ladies Night Out at my house with…

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#MWWC 11 – Friend



This is my second foray into the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge (known as #MWWC to those who participate), which (rather unsurprisingly) is a monthly creative writing challenge to write a piece on a topic chosen by last month’s winner. Last month’s winner, Dracaena Wines, chose the theme “friend”, a somewhat challenging topic; so I decided to go for a spot of creative story and wrote a short story. So, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin….

Through Wine and Friendship

John looked at his watch, he was late; he was always late. He reflected momentarily that it was a good thing that Walter knew him so well and would be expecting him to be late. He rang the door-bell in his customary manner, three short blasts. After a couple of seconds Walter came to the door and opened it briskly.

“You’re late. Luckily I thought you would be or else…

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Lies My Mother Told Me (#MWWC11)

A Famished Foodie

I follow a fantastic wine blogger called The Drunken Cyclist who often posts about these Monthly Wine Writing Challenges that occur, believe it or not, monthly. Since I’ve graduated, I’ve had quite a bit of free time, so I decided to enter this month’s challenge on the theme of friendship. Full disclosure though, I can write about wine, and I can write about friendship, but I’m no expert on either subject, so prepare yourselves for the mess that is probably this essay.


Between thinking Happy Days was the best show every created and having an unfortunate mole on my nose, I had a hard time making friends growing up. I was always drawn to things that were “unusual” for someone my age. When other kids wanted pizza, I chowed down on grilled octopus, eggplant stews, and mushrooms. Instead of sleepovers, makeovers, and birthday parties, I spent my free time devouring John…

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Dinner Alone with Daltetto Bubbly and Pier Barbaresco #MWWC11


So, I’m alone.  My wife has her brewing club tonight.  Friends have probably made it home already.  But the month ends tomorrow.  I have to burn through my expense account.    Stuck downtown, I decide to indulge my loneliness with wine and dinner.

Now, we prefer to cook and drink at home.  Exploring the cutting edge of city cuisine costs a fortune.  But I give it a chance just this once.

Sweaty thermometers still read 93 F.  My palate begs for icy, dry bubbly. Wil suggests something off the list: Deltetto, Rosé Brut, Metodo Classico, Italy:

Deltetto Sparkling wineHalf Pinot Nero (Noir) and half Nebbiolo (!!!) one rarely thinks of bubbly (let alone 48 months of Champagne method bubbly) from the Piedmont: home to Barbaresco and Barolo.  Yet there it is, at the table, waiting to tell me all about itself.

Appearance: It looks gorgeous in an odd kind of way.  The core…

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MWWC: Friend

The Wine Raconteur

I guess the epitome of a friend, when it comes to wine, is if they would not want to share a glass of Screaming Eagle wine. That is not to say that I would not share, in fact, I offered the first taste of this famous cult wine and was told that it was all for me, because they would not want to spoil their appreciation for the other wines of the world. This is another entry in the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge, and the theme is Friend, as proffered by last month’s winner Dracaena Wines.

wine-stain Monthly Wine Challenge

A “friend” as a theme is perfect and the light bulb immediately lit up above my slowly balding pate. This could only be about my best friend that I have known for around twenty-one years. I remember the first evening when we met and we were drinking mixed drinks, not even a glass of…

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