What Does it Mean to be Local


This is my second entry into the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge. The MWWC was created by the Drunken Cyclist to encourage creativity within the wine writing community. It is open to anyone with a blog and encourage youMWWC to participate. Last month’s winner, Armchair Sommelier, was bestowed the honor of selecting the theme for this month’s challenge. The theme she has selected is “local.” Initially I pondered this theme with a bit of confusion; after a week or so I forgot about it…until yesterday when I read the first submission for the topic. However, now that it is back in my consciousness I am still confused. What is local? The Google definition is such: an adjective “belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, typically exclusively so.” Furthermore, Google offers synonyms such as community, district, neighborhood, city, town or municipal. And this is where my confusion…

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