Serendipitous Dinner in Dallas


December’s Monthly Wine Writing Challenge theme is Serendipity. The theme was chosen by Anatoli of Talk-A-Vino, who won #MWWC12. Big congrats to Anatoli! As you know #MWWC is organized by none other than the Drunken Cyclist; all wine writers are encouraged to participate. If you have a blog and have yet to join the fun please visit this article to understand the “rules of participation.” This article is my submission for #MWWC13.


Serendipity: A fortunate happenstance or pleasant surprise; a very apropos description of many of the dining experience my husband and I have shared together. My recent article “Fun Friday Night in the Burbs” would have been a perfect submission for the theme serendipity. Additionally, as you will read in my next article “Reigniting a Post-Thanksgiving Tradition,” even though our evening at the Dallas Stars game with dinner at the Audi club was a planned…

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